Drinking Partners #232 – Livefromthecity | DJ Aesthetics

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The Drinking Partners continue highlighting Pittsburgh’s vibrant entertainment scene by welcoming rapper livefromthecity and DJ Aesthetics. Ed starts off the interview by explaining his first time hearing of livefromthecity – from the rapper’s mom who might be his best promoter. Listen in as Ed continues to tease both guests, especially once he finds out how their relationship began. Next up, it’s DJ Aesthetics’ turn to talk about how she got her start and her own style, which leads to an interesting observation from livefromthecity, “Women are 100% the tastemakers of entertainment.” Why is Day examining duels and contemplating slapping someone with a glove to initiate one? You’ll find out around midway through the podcast. In the closing minutes, the discussion shifts to a more serious tone, from accountability for entertainers who commit crimes to the overall livability for Black women, which leads to livefromthecity speaking on what role consciousness plays in his music. To hear him and find out where he will perform next, visit: https://www.livefromthe.city

Listen, sit, and sip.