Drinking Partners #229 –

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In the newest Drinking Partners podcast release, Ed and Day are joined by Akita Donald and Brian Rossi, from AD99 Solutions, a Pittsburgh-based foundation that aims to “holistically prepare Pittsburgh’s underprivileged youth for life-long success.” To that end, AD99 focuses on academic, athletic, and social achievements and offers tutoring and mentoring, in addition to a wide-ranging support system. After some verbal shenanigans from Day, Ms. Donald explains the AD99 approach, from which communities they seek to assist to how they are trying to reduce the life-changing effects of systemic racism. Ed discusses how he is doing his part as well – by passing on his used sneakers to his nephews. In between a serious conversation about sport culture and how AD99 provides extended support, Ed and Day drop lots of amusing stories and pepper the interview with their usual Drinking Partners asides. Keep listening until the end to hear Ms. Donald’s advice on how to make positive changes, on a non-profit level and on a personal level. To learn more about AD99, to donate, or to volunteer, visit: https://www.ad99.org.

Listen, sit, and sip.