Drinking Partners #226 – Benji

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In the latest, laughter-filled Drinking Partners podcast, Ed and Day interview the duo of Slim tha DJ and the multitalented musician and rapper Benji. To start, they discuss the art of music and how to create the right vibe for the right crowd and debate the pressing question of playing the same song more than once a night. It’s three against one as Ed argues with an actual DJ in favor of repetition, proving that Ed will indeed argue with anyone. Next up, Benji talks about his introduction to rap through his brother, how he tried to separate himself from him, and how he splits time between his musical projects, including opening for some very impressive acts when he was only a 16 year old. Make sure to listen all the way through to hear a smooth duet between Slim tha DJ and Ed and which musical great each of the men would want to see perform live. In the latter minutes, both the musicians and comics talk about how they change up their songs and jokes to keep them fresh. The interview closes with how Benji and Slim tha DJ met and how they continue to grow as a performing pair. A charming and amusing listen from start to finish.

Listen, sit, and sip.