Drinking Partners #219 – Erin Hart | Farm To Table PA

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Do you have a Hennessy holster? If so, the Drinking Partners want to marry you, which they admit in the opening minutes of their latest podcast. Soon after, Ed and Day act more wholesome with Fresh Fest sponsor Farm to Table Western PA and Erin Hart who brings a sampling of exciting local finds, including raw milk. When Day chases a beer with the raw milk, Ed draws a very interesting conclusion about what might happen next. Ed doesn’t stop going at Day, either, which makes for some entertaining moments! Give Ms. Hart credit for listening and laughing as the two go way off topic! There are moments of importance, especially when Ms. Hart explains how a 10% increase in buying locally can reenergize a local economy. From a beer-based chicken jerky to lamb sausage to Maggie’s Farm spiced rum, Ed and Day get to experience a Western Pennsylvania feast. Mixed in with the raucous Drinking Partners antics and wide sampling of food is a collection of extremely useful information and ideas that make buying locally easier and more approachable. To learn more about buying locally and buying fresh, visit: https://farmtotablepa.com. Catch the Drinking Partners August 10th at Fresh Fest!

Listen, sit, and sip.