Drinking Partners #218 – Union Craft Brewing

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Beertender Christine Hallenback and Michelle McHugh, quality control manager, for Union Craft Brewing out of Baltimore stop by the studio in the newest Drinking Partners release. After sampling a ginger sour from Union’s “Rough Draught” series, Ed and Day tried a double IPA infused with fresh orange (Orange Double Duckpin) and outrageously analyze the decision making that goes into recipe development. In the studio, they try Divine, Union Craft Brewing’s newest IPA, one that promises to be as “free spirited and full of character as Charm City itself.” They take a break from brewing talk to discuss how to avoid parking tickets (you can’t) and for Ed to drop some bars. Listen in as beertender Christine teaches how to order a beer properly and Michelle explains how Union develops their experimental beers and their more traditional ones. And then Ed goes on a loud and lengthy tribute to Rueben sandwiches. And that is how your Drinking Partners roll! To learn more about Union Craft Brewing, visit: https://www.unioncraftbrewing.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.