Drinking Partners #216 – Allegheny Conference

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In the latest Drinking Partners podcast, there are “So many syllables in the introduction” that Ed starts sweating as he welcomes Bill Flanagan and Jeff Broadhurst, the Chief Corporate Relations Officer and the Co-Chairman, respectively, of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development’s Our Next 75 summit. What follows is an in-depth conversation about the economic development of the Pittsburgh region and an explanation of the Our Next 75 summit, which brought over 1000 leaders from across a 10-county region together to strategize on how to move the area forward. Mr. Flanagan and Mr. Broadhurst patiently explain, despite Ed and Day’s interruptions, the scope and reach of the Allegheny Conference, although the Drinking Partners add their own, humor-centered touches on everything from transportation issues to the best icebreakers. As always, the Drinking Partners mix the serious with the absurd. This latest release offers an important and entertaining glimpse into what the future of the Allegheny region looks like. For more information about the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, visit: https://www.alleghenyconference.org

Listen, sit, and sip.