Drinking Partners #212 – Chardae Jones | Matt Katase | Live from Brew Gentlemen.

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Special episode, special beer, and special guests abound in the latest Drinking Partners release. Podcasting live from Brew Gentlemen to celebrate their 5th anniversary,
Ed and Day welcome the brewery’s co-owner Matt Katase and Braddock’s new mayor Chardae Jones. Ed promises to be politically correct, and Day promises to be himself as they learn about Mayor Jones’s rise to become part of the “millennial mayor” association. Matt jumps into the conversation to speak on the connection between business and community and how the two must rely on each other before he expands on how Brew Gentlemen got its start during his college years. Keep listening to learn the meaning (and vibe) behind Akamai, a double IPA offering with Hawaiian history and discover how Brew Gentlemen uses a mixed culture fermentation approach for their Mise En Rose series. In the latter minutes of the podcast, the conversation remains beer-specific with Matt detailing their new offerings brewed specially for their outdoor expansion. A fun and engaging listen. Learn what is currently on tap at www.brewgentlemen.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.