Drinking Partners #211- BOOM Concepts

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To celebrate their fifth anniversary and current fundraising efforts, DS Kinsel and Thomas Agnew from Boom Conepts join the Drinking Partners. Puppet karaoke? It’s a thing, and you can check it out at Boom Concepts at 6 pm on June 5. Thomas and DS explain how Boom is looking for “new spins of traditional sh*t.” The interview expands to a finance-focused one midway through as the men discuss how to expand income sources before they smoothly shift to art and culture and the importance of inspiration, support, and vibe. But it isn’t all serious contemplation; Ed explains why he doesn’t dance. The closing segment is NSFW, Drinking Partners-style and does not need to be/cannot be described with words. Follow along with what is happening with Boom Concepts at https://www.facebook.com/boomconcepts/.

Listen, sit, and sip.