Drinking Partners #210 – Nick Rosich | Penn Brewery

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With guest host Jared Evans returning, the Drinking Partners welcome Nick Rosich, head brewer of Penn Brewery. As they sip on a Penn Gold, the award-winning classic lager, Nick shares how Penn Brewery has stayed current by expanding beyond their early, more traditional offerings. From there, the discussion of the brewing process deepens as Nick explains the importance of yeast and how he got his start at Siebel Institute, a brewing school that has existed for over a century. With that background, the interview gets technical and precise about brewing, with Drinking Partners-styled interruptions and jokes. And then Day and Jared get existential. Tune in for that abrupt shift! Catch the Drinking Partners Friday, May 17th at the Ace Hotel for a silent disco and can release featuring a Fresh Fest exclusive brew. Find out more about Penn Brewery: www.pennbrew.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.