Drinking Partners #209 – Union Brothers Brewing

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For the Drinking Partners latest release, they welcome Zach and Jeremiah from Union Brothers Brewing – Butler County’s newest addition that will open XX. After tiring of waiting in line for new beer releases, the brothers decided to start brewing their own. The first half of the podcast features Zach and Jeremiah discussing what will come for Union Brothers and allows listeners a unique view at the developmental process. As the men sample a citrusy Victor Nelson, Ed states, “You guys are just dudes I want to drink with.” From there, they taste the Simpleton pale ale, which features a rotating hop, and explore the trends happening in the craft beer world. Trap beer? Stay tuned to hear about the Union Brothers collaboration with Pittburgh-based rapper Hardo for Fresh Fest 2019. A smooth and exciting interview. Follow Union Brothers progress and where you can find them before their opening on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnionBrothersBrewing/.

Listen, sit, and sip.