Drinking Partners #208 – Samantha Bentley

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Samantha Bentley, one of Pittsburgh’s funniest comedians, joins the Drinking Partners in their latest release and will have listeners laughing for over an hour. The trio jumps from topic to topic with their unique spins on everyday issues, and the conversation never fails to conclude with a magical comedic touch, even when Samantha discusses her early struggles with comedy. Ever wonder how Ed wins every argument he’s in? Tune in for that answer as the comedians get personal, and Samantha shares some of her best stage moments. Perhaps the best moment is when Samantha admits to objectifying Ed, in an exchange that will be ranked as one of the Drinking Partners best. A classic, comedy-centered episode that will please every listener. To hear more from Samantha, check her out May 3rd at the Ace Hotel in her starring role at the Three Women One Mic show. For more details, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/503944047041811/.

Listen, sit, and sip.