Drinking Partners #207 – Aadam Soorma

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Ed complains as he finds himself in “third place on his own podcast” in the voice department as Aadam Soorma from Porter Craft Beer Tours joins the Drinking Partners. The early minutes center on Mr. Soorma’s Cleveland roots, but transition into his job as a representative of Pittsburgh and columnist for pittsburgh.verylocal.com. From there, the talk goes to all things beer, from where, when, and how to enjoy the Pittsburgh brewery scene. And then things go off topic in very unexpected ways, as Ed and Day discuss man-dogs and muzzling babies. Yes, you read that right. As usual, the Drinking Partners double back to discuss beer and brewery flexing, with lots of pausing for laughter breaks. A fun listen that is perfect for the warmer weather and brewery visits.

Listen, sit, and sip.