Drinking Partners #203 – Four Points Brewing

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In the latest Drinking Partners release, Ed and Day host Charleroi-based Four Points Brewing owner Dave Barbe and head brewer Adam Boura. At less than a year old, Four Pointe Brewing is one of the newcomers on the scene and the conversation starts with a discussion on how they began. After spending over a year “fine-tuning” their beer by sampling it at Mr. Barbe’s restaurant (Fourth Street Barbeque) and overcoming a delay caused by a bankrupt supplier, the brewery opened in July 2018 with the Fourth Street IPA as their flagship beer. The men discuss how they operate as a small brewery and the advantages that come with small batch brewing. The Black Currant Fruitition sour impresses Ed enough to make him croon and leads to a debate about the pronunciation of “currant.” Mr. Boura offers a thorough explanation into his brewing process during a mid-point segment, which aficionados will enjoy. Stay tuned until the end to hear a discussion on how best to handle critics and reviews. Visit Four Points Brewing in Charleroi and find their tap list at https://fourpointsbrewing.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.