Drinking Partners #201 – Levity Brewing Company

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Jared Herman, Luke McKelvy, and Erich Walls – the founders of Levity Brewing Company in Indiana, Pa join the Drinking Partners in this latest release. The trio speaks on the brewery’s founding in a college town and how they all professional careers to open Levity. Their first offering is the High End Flannel, an award-winning mixed fermentation sour that leads to some Drinking Partners tangents, one that involves horse dung. Next up is the Knock and Howl and a conversation on sasquatch culture as the abundance of male energy takes over. By the time they sample the Dark Soul, Ed and Day are feeling fine and contemplating the importance of wearing a robe. Wondering how they got there? Listen in to find out. To learn more about Levity, visit http://www.levitybrewing.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.