Drinking Partners #196 – Jeff Betten

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In the latest Drinking Partners release, Ed and Day interview Jeff Betten, general manager of Pittsburgh-based Misra Records and founder of Wild Kindness Records. The opening segment features Mr. Betten discussing his commitment to the Pittsburgh music scene and how he sees it expanding and developing. From there, the group discusses the role of a music label (and conclude that producer Buzzy is their label) and the types of artists and bands that they represent – “commercially competitive artists who make smart, substantial, story-driven music.” As head of a record label, Mr. Betten hears the pulse of the city, which leads to a conversation on gentrification and the changing scopes of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. And then the real Drinking Partners emerge, and a lengthy, and, at times combative, debate on Ice Cube and Ice-T ensues. Even when the interview gets back on a musical track, Ed and Day find a way to argue. Listen until the end to hear the Drinking Partners thoughts on future collaborative projects. To learn more about Misra Records, visit: https://www.misrarecords.com

Listen, sit, and sip.