Drinking Partners #190 – Joel & Chris | Walter’s Southern Kitchen

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By now, listeners will be familiar with the Drinking Partners critiques of Pittsburgh cuisine, but Ed and Day giddily welcome the owners of Walter’s Southern Kitchen into the studio. Partners Joel and Chris are on the receiving end of the Drinking Partner’s energetic praise, as the interview opens with the duo reveling in the Lawrenceville restaurant’s offerings as they taste some of Walter’s favorites. Ed and Day are in a rare state of agreement as they sip and sample, and the conversation swings between the history of Walter’s (including an explanation of the name) and their plans for the future, one that focuses on food, culture, and community. Neither Joel nor Chris are willing to share the secrets of their syrup, yet they do share the extensive processes involved in using their custom-built smoker and explain the differences in angus cows. The end of the episode highlights what makes Walter’s Southern Kitchen unique as Chris delves into how the food is prepared. A must listen for foodies as Ed and Day unite in their gleaming review of Walter’s. Find out more here: www.walterspgh.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.