Drinking Partners #185 – Tracy Certo | NEXT Pittsburgh

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Tracy Certo, founder and publisher for Next Pittsburgh, an online magazine with a “Focus on the people, places, and ideas advancing the city and the region,” joins the Drinking Partners for a comprehensive conversation centering on the city and its media outlets. The interview offers a snapshot of Pittsburgh’s news outlets in a hyper-focused manner, as Ms. Certo shares her views on the city’s changing media scene. Midway through, the group delves deeper and examines unconscious biases and intersectionality with an emphasis on current events. The Drinking Partners promise that they are “equal opportunity interrupters,” as they defend themselves in one particularly amusing exchange. This episode pulses with the beats of Pittsburgh in a fun and in-depth manner. To learn more about Next Pittsburgh, visit www.nextpittsburgh.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.