Drinking Partners #184 – Summer Lee & Sara Innamorato

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Day wore his special political socks and Ed wishes that he would have at least worn a vest as the Drinking Partners welcome Summer Lee – the Democratic nominee for the 34th Pennsylvania State House District – and Sara Innamorato – the Democratic nominee for the 21st Pennsylvania State House District. What follows is an in-depth analysis of the shifting politics of Western Pennsylvania and the nation as a whole. Ms. Lee speaks on her concept of people-centered politics, which she deems “common sense policies,” that focus on education, healthcare, and a fair living wage. Ms. Innamorato shares her approach, which supports progressive policies that promote a “dignified life.” When Ed asks if passion or savvy will garner the most change in Harrisburg, Ms. Innamorato and Ms. Lee answer in unison: “Both.” It is this combination of knowledge and dedication that listeners will hear throughout the interview. Even with such important women as guests, the Drinking Partners add light laughs and their own spins to the heavy banter. To learn more about Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato, visit their respective sites: https://www.summerforpa.com and https://www.saraforpa.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.