Drinking Partners #181 – The Olga Watkins Band

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The Drinking Partners buzz with cheery energy and chatter as they welcome The Olga Watkins Band into the studio. Vocalist Olga Watkins, guitarist Jay Weaver, and drummer/percussionist Subha Das open the interview with the band’s backstory. What started as a jazz trio evolved into a funk/soul/r & b/blues band, and the group’s opportunities blossomed as a result. A particularly dynamic conversation develops around the band’s interactions and communication through music and rhythm as they perform which transitions into the similarities between comedy and music. From bad sets to professional influences, the group explores those similarities with depth and authenticity. The history of music in Pittsburgh rounds out the rest of the interview, but stayed tuned until the end to hear the band perform live in the studio. You will not want to miss it! To catch up with and listen to the Olga Watkins Band, check out their website: http://www.olgawatkinsband.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.