Drinking Partners #179 – Sam Leonard & The Brew Brotha (Shannon Harris)

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The Drinking Partners open their latest podcast with a care package from Troeg’s Brewing Company, which included Nimble Giant, a Double IPA. With beers in hands, they welcome Sam Leonard from Pittsburgh Local News and Shannon Harris, a Texas-based beer blogger and award-winning home brewer. The early conversation focuses on Sam’s take on the happenings in and around Pittsburgh and the role of media and free speech. Shannon ? known as The Brew Brotha ? is highlighted midway through as he offers his thoughts on the beer scene in Texas and Black beer culture across the country. He explains in the latter minutes how he collaborates with breweries across the country, including Dancing Gnome, where he created an “aggressively hopped” styling for Fresh Fest 2018. Listen until the end as the group loosens up and jumps between the beers that Mr. Harris has brought with him and hilarious stories, an unsurprising conclusion for loyal listeners. Hear Sam on the Epicast network with his podcast Pittsburgh Local News, and find Shannon Harris at www.thebrewbrotha.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.