Drinking Partners #177 – Leona’s Ice Cream

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What could be better for a summer podcast than inviting the women behind Leona’s Ice Cream into the studio for a to-die for pairing of beer and ice cream? The Drinking Partners do just that as Christa Puskarich and Katie Heldstab stop by with a generous selection of their homemade, Pittsburgh-famous ice cream sandwiches and beer from a few of their favorite local breweries. Early on, the ladies’ entrepreneurial spirit inspires Day to confess his dream hustle: Selling specialty air.
Listeners will be unsurprised by Ed’s reaction to his co-host’s plans. The playful banter continues, even as the ladies talk about their start and how their ice cream is lactose-free and locally sourced. As beer lovers themselves, Katie and Christa chat with confidence and ease, and each topic is explored in a fun and fresh way, much like their Leona’s products. In the latter half of the podcast, the tasting begins, starting with a Hitchhiker coffee porter paired with a cinnamon sugar cookie and coffee ice cream sandwich. You can find Leona’s Ice Cream at ten local breweries and try your own pairings; for more information on the many locations their products are offered, visit http://www.leonaspgh.com. Find the Drinking Partners and Leona’s at this weekend’s Fresh Fest at Nova Place at 4 pm.

Listen, sit, and sip.