Drinking Partners #177 – Brendan Benson, Mike Potter | East End, Black Brew Culture

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East End Brewing Company’s head brewer Brendan Benson joins the Drinking Partners and Black Brew Culture’s Mike Potter in this lead up interview to Fresh Fest Beer Festival. From a discussion on how Mr. Benson got his start on as a college student working for Rolling Rock to how Mike Potter first linked up with East End, the opening conversation is full of interest and information. Craft drinkers will be particularly interested in Mr. Benson’s take on the rise of IPAs and the evolution of brewing to the currently popular hazy variation. After an analysis of the waves and trends of brewing, the men discuss what might be the next big thing. East End will be producing a dry, “anti-haze” beer for Fresh Fest in their attempts at a Brut IPA. When Mike chimes in his dislike for Session Ales, Ed reminds him, “With all your facial hair, of course you don’t.” To wrap up the interview, Ed asks Brendan about their Bigger Hop. “How did you bigger the big?” In the true Drinking Partners spirit, Ed pauses himself. Listen until the end to hear spoilers for Fresh Fest as Mike explains the festival and hints at his beer collaboration with East End. For tickets to Fresh Fest, visit https://freshfestbeerfest.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.