Drinking Partners #176 – Doug Foster | Aurochs Brewing Company

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Doug Foster, co-owner of Aurochs Brewing Company, visits the Drinking Partners with his gluten-free offerings and a lesson in the ways of ancient brewing that do not rely on barley, rye, and wheat. The mission of Aurochs has been to provide a flavorful, great-tasting beer, and both Ed and Day deem it a success after expressing some early reservations about the gluten-free process. Curious as to what ingredients make up an Aurochs brew? Listen in as Mr. Foster discusses quinoa and millet and other wild oats. There’s even an exercise in how to correctly pronounce quinoa. As the interview progresses and more beer is drank, the Drinking Partners transition from talking about how clean the Aurochs beer is to their views on karaoke. Mr. Foster’s admission of his favorite song to sing surprises Ed and Day and leads Ed to reminisce. A fun listen that highlights a new, yet age-old process of craft beer brewing. Catch Aurochs at Fresh Fest on August 11 at Threadbare Cider House and at http://www.aurochsbrewing.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.