Drinking Partners #172 – Sean Smith | Pro Digital VR

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With three VR cameras recording the latest Drinking Partners podcast, listeners will be able to experience the mayhem in a whole new way! Sean Smith? CTIO of Pro Digital VR ? brings his technology to the studio for this unique experience that combines what the Drinking Partners do best with what Pro Digital VR has mastered. Can’t make it to a live podcast? Just visit https://prodigitalvr.com/drinkingpartners/ to jump into the fun. As Mr. Smith mentions, VR is an “empathy machine” that allows viewers to step into someone else’s world, and the Drinking Partners world is one that offers hours of laughable entertainment. Privacy in the digital age is a talking point throughout as the men discuss the blurred lines that instant accessibility creates and the importance of maintaining digital freedom. And then there is the conversation about space travel and aliens. Listen in to decide for yourself what to make of that one! As Ed says, “Earth is going to get gentrified.” You might need a beer after that one, so check out Fresh Fest, which will take place August 11, 2018 at Threadbare Cider House: “Diversity and different voices in the industry make an industry better,” Day promises.

Listen, sit, and sip.