Drinking Partners #170 – Paige Mitchell | Front Paige Me

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As the Drinking Partners enjoy Mindful Brewing’s McCord ? a Belgian strong golden ale ? they give a rowdy welcome to Paige Mitchell, an entertainment journalist who curates Front Paige Me, a Pittsburgh-centric event blog. The podcast features Ms. Mitchell sharing behind-the-scenes stories from some of her best interviews, much to Ed and Day’s delight. As Ms. Mitchell states, “An event ain’t poppin’ unless Front Paige Me has been there.” Some names are dropped, others are not; but this latest podcast highlights who’s who in Pittsburgh and beyond in a fun, brisk fashion. Stay tuned through the end to hear Ms. Mitchell’s dream interviewees and to find out how the Drinking Partners feel about significant others cheating with celebrities and which ones are acceptable. To read more about Paige Mitchell, visit www.frontpaigeme.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.