Drinking Partners #167 – Greywalker | Brian Howe & Joey Solak

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As the Drinking Partners sip on beers provided by Mindful Brewing Company, Ed declares, “We bring guests back to see how we’ve grown,” and they welcome Pittsburgh-based death metal band Greywalker and two of its members ? Brian Howe and Joe Solak. This latest Drinking Partners release will be of particular interest to all musicians as it explores the ideas of content creation and how to please an audience while keeping your identity clear. Midway through, the men compare music to beer as they examine the differences between metal and rock and roll in a fun and dynamic conversation. Brian continues the theme by explaining how Greywalker can be considered “accessible metal.” During the podcast, the Drinking Partners sample the Greywalker collaboration beer as they compare different genres of music. A main focus of the interview focuses on distinguishing the brand from the music, and listeners will be intrigued by the group’s conclusions. Graywalker will host an album release July 7 at the Rex Theater; for more information, find them at https://www.greywalker.net.

Listen, sit, and sip.