Drinking Partners #166 – Marita Garrett

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In the early minutes, Ed promises, “We kind of playful then we say some serious s***,” as both Drinking Partners are on their best behavior to welcome Marita Garrett, the first woman to be elected mayor of Wilkinsburg. Mayor Garrett deftly explains the abundance of potholes to the complaining Drinking Partners before exploring her other mayoral duties and offering her best (and hilarious) advice.
Local politics takes center stage midway through when Mayor Garrett offers advice on citizen involvement and how to become an active participant in government. As only the Drinking Partners can master, moments of serious analysis are punctuated with wild interjections, with Mayor Garrett playing along perfectly. An engaged listen that will inspire and encourage listeners. To learn more about Mayor Garrett and her community initiatives, find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MayorMaritaGarrett/.

Listen, sit, and sip.