Drinking Partners #161 -Sharif Rasheed | Safi Juice

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Sharif Rasheed, owner and operator of Safi Juice, visits the Drinking Partners and offers Ed and Day a different type of drinking experience. Focused on pure, organic ingredients and cold-pressed, Safi Juice has blossomed since its inception in 2015 and now operates out of a storefront in Garfield, which Mr. Rasheed explains as the Drinking Partners sample these healthier brews. With a message that “Health is for Everyone,” Safi Juice products all serve that purpose, yet without sacrificing flavor. Ed and Day get quite the herbal education from Mr. Rasheed and interrupt him often with their own blend of originality and amusement. What interests them most might be when Sharif mentions a hangover smoothie, however. Stay tuned to hear Ed mute his microphone as he composes himself after a pause-worthy moment. To learn more about Safi juice, visit: http://safijuice.com. Check out another health-centered Pittsburgh event by visiting Farm to Table’s Local Food Conference on April 14-15 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Listen, sit, and sip.