Drinking Partners #159 – Mikey and Big Bob!

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In what might be one of the Drinking Partners most likeable listens, Ed and Day team up with two of Pittsburgh’s most well-known voices ? Kiss FM morning radio hosts Mikey and Big Bob. There is rarely a moment when laughter is not echoing from their microphones as the double set of entertaining duos ricochet jokes and commentary across the room with speed and precision. A hilarious, easy to imagine story involving a very bold, Philadelphian mouse ¬sums up Mikey and Big Bob’s early days working late-nights. During the next segment, Mikey finds himself trying to keep the peace between Ed and Day and offers advice on how to make their partnership work, “I’m not going to war over Jay-Z.” Where would you expect a podcast to go from there except to a discussion centered around Shaquille O’Neal’s nakedness? Such transitions represent the Drinking Partners experience, and with two veteran radio hosts in the studio, these moments are amplified and even more amusing. Ed and Day continue to disagree, despite Mikey and Big Bob’s attempts to get them to compromise, but even those arguments are laced with humor. Stay tuned throughout to hear Mikey describe the only time that he fought with Big Bob. Hint: it involves tacos. A blast of a listen (literally, as Ed talks about space yet again). Catch Mikey and Big Bob every weekday morning on 96.1 FM or on iHeart Radio, https://961kiss.iheart.com/featured/the-morning-freak-show/.

Listen, sit, and sip.