Drinking Partners #153 – John Fetterman

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By his own calculations, Mayor John Fetterman has provided the Drinking Partners with 2% of their podcast content. To maintain this record, he returns to discuss his candidacy to become Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor in a stirring and straightforward manner and stays unfazed by Ed and Day’s antics, even when they ask what exactly a Lieutenant Governor is. Without pause, he answers all of their questions and proves himself to be progressive, knowledgeable, and approachable. From the legalization of marijuana to school funding to gentrification, the Drinking Partners quiz Mayor Fetterman on his plans for improving Pennsylvania while adding their own insights and, of course, jokes. A series of queries from the live Facebook feed infuses the podcast with a real-time feel and offers one of its best moments as Mayor Fetterman’s wife Gisele asks a question of her own. Listen in for the hilarious exchange and to hear Ed’s plans to party in the governor’s mansion. To learn more about Mayor Fetterman, the May primary, and his plans for Pennsylvania, visit www.johnfetterman.com. To see a Drinking Partners podcast live, find them at the August Wilson Center on February 7 at 3:00 PM where they will record from the For the Love of Pittsburgh event. This episode was proudly sponsored by Farm to Table Pittsburgh, whose aim is to bridge the gap between consumers and local food producers.

Listen, sit, and sip.