Drinking Partners #150 – Khamil Scantling

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Listeners will know from the start that a special Drinking Partners guest is in the studio, moreso once Ed makes her repeat her opening greeting. Khamil Scantling ? the creator and sole contributor of CocoaPrenuer, a Pittsburgh-centered initiative designed to highlight and promote Black-owned businesses ? joins Ed and Day to discuss her thoughts as a transplant to Pittsburgh. With a focus on Black success, Khamil speaks with an ease that comes naturally from her CocoaPrenuer passion and her familiarity with the Drinking Partners. Longtime fans of the show will recognize Khamil from the many stories and anecdotes that Ed has shared about her over the years. Midway through, the trio gets personal and loose. The conversation becomes a classic Drinking Partners extravaganza: wild, loud, and hilarious. Listen until the closing minutes for a rare and intimate look into who the Drinking Partners are. For more information about CocoaPrenuer and its community service approach, visit: https://www.facebook.com/CocoaPreneurPgh/.

Listen, sit, and sip.