Drinking Partners #149 – Chris Togneri

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Chris Togneri, one of the most well-informed and prolific beer critics in Pittsburgh, joins the Drinking Partners to discuss all things brewed and booming across Western Pennsylvania. As the beer columnist for The Incline, his Four One Brew feature highlights all the happenings in the area. Early on, he discusses his (and several unnamed brewers) hatred for pumpkin beer before transitioning into a hilarious discussion on dogs. Listeners will especially enjoy the moments when the Drinking Partners combine topics to discuss “dog beer.” Midway through, the mood shifts when Mr. Togneri admits to being a Golden State Warriors fan, much to Ed’s dismay. Stay tuned throughout to hear the Drinking Partners make an analogy between women and pumpkins that most likely has never been previously attempted and, according to Ed, will limit their corporate sponsorships. Both Ed and Day are in high spirits for the latter half of the interview, which Ed blames on the jalapeno beer that Mr. Togneri brought. To follow Chris Togneri’s beer column, visit: https://theincline.com/about/chris-togneri/

Listen, sit, and sip.