Drinking Partners #147 – PGH NORML

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“I think our guests are hometown heroes,” Ed opines as the latest Drinking Partners episode begins, while Day refers to the upcoming hour as “edutainment.” Patrick and Theresa Nightingale ? representing Pittsburgh NORML ? return to speak on the current Pennsylvania regulations, impending plans, and future goals associated with marijuana decriminalization. Few are as knowledgeable as the Nightingales, both from a legal and botanical perspective, and the early segment is filled with little known cannabis facts. Ed and Day chime in often with well-timed quips, flavoring the legalese-heavy conversation with hilarious asides, yet allowing the educational flow to stream. With medicinal marijuana now legal in Pennsylvania, the Nightingales offer information on how to apply for a medical cannabis card and update listeners on when dispensaries will be opening. The closing minutes combine comedy and science, which will have listeners intrigued and laughing, often at the same time. For more information about Pittsburgh NORML, visit:

Listen, sit, and sip.