Drinking Partners #146 – Jake Bier – War Streets Brewery

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Jake Bier teaches the Drinking Partners a lesson in geography in the opening minutes while the trio sips on War Streets Brewery’s Buena Vista Brown Ale. As the owner of the new Bier’s Pub ? which is War Streets Brewery’s new home ? Jake shares how the brewery has finally found a permanent home. After a few Drinking Partners diversions, the men settle into beer-centric conversation and examine the North Side’s emerging importance Pittsburgh’s brewing scene. Toward the conclusion of the podcast, Jake offers a whiskey barrel-aged stout, much to the delight of Ed and Day, which causes Ed to conclude, “All tens are dangerous, in all facets of life.” For more information on War Streets Brewery and Bier’s Pub, visit their new location at 900 Western Avenue on the North Side.

Listen, sit, and sip.