Drinking Partners #144 – Butler Brew Works

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Pittsburgh’s self-confessed D-List celebrities Ed and Day open their latest Drinking Partners episode pondering their local status and how far the benefits extend. Moments later, they are joined by Nick Fazzoni and Travis Tuttle of Butler Brew Works. It doesn’t take long for the nonsense to surface as the men jump ship for a hilarious and out of nowhere discussion. But they settle down into a discussion about Butler Brew Works ingredient list and are given a big surprise as Day reads the label of an aphrodisiac brew: Best enjoyed with a Drinking Partner. Perhaps as testimony to the beer itself, Day soon has all three men covering their faces as he reflects on a NSFW topic. Tune in to hear Nick and Travis talk about how their beers journey to become “adventurous ales.” For more information about Butler Brew Works, visit www.butlerbrewworks.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.