Drinking Partners #142

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Jeff Bloom, one of the Drinking Partner’s first guests, returns in this latest release. As owner and brewer at Bloom Brew, Jeff creates one of the Drinking Partner’s favorite sours, which leads to an early discussion on the optimal beer temperature. From there, the interview widens into all things industry related ¬? from the barrel sizes of brew houses to the business management that happens behind the scenes. However, Jeff brings a bounty of beer, and soon both Ed and Day abandon the ship of sobriety with hilarious consequences. Ed gets funky (in more ways than one) and Day begins to mumble before the trio waxes poetic about cheese. Midway through, Jeff brings out his personal selection, including rare brews and a five year-aged cider. Listen until the end to experience the Drinking Partners wholly unfiltered, mildly freaky, and classically unwound. For more about Bloom Brew, visit www.bloombrew.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.