Drinking Partners #141 – Mike Potter | Black Brew Culture

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Dedicated to creating a “new narrative in craft beer and recording the journey,” Black Brew Culture’s founder Mike Potter joins the Drinking Partners in this significant, enriching episode. With the dual focus of promoting craft beer to the Black community and assisting Black-owned breweries to a larger audience, Mr. Potter started the online magazine that will launch in mid-November. True to Black Brew Culture’s mission, he brings Ed and Day samples from Black Frog Brewery and Harlem Brew, which spikes the conversation with traditional Drinking Partners spice. Soon after, Ed claims that Day is “on his Bryant Gumbel” as the interview’s scope widens. Stay tuned for the closing minutes when Ed and Day plot to get their Mindful Brewing collaboration BBC into a rap video. To subscribe to Black Brew Culture’s upcoming release, visit See the Drinking Partners live Saturday, October 28, 2017 in a special, Halloween-themed stand-up event at Comtra Theatre. Buy tickets here:
Listen, sit, and sip.