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Drinking Partners #140 – Kenny Gould | Hop Culture

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Hop Culture, an online magazine for a “new generation of craft beer drinkers,” reaches millions of readers around the world by focusing on the evolving needs of the modern beer drinker. Kenny Gould, its Editor in Chief, joins the Drinking Partners in the newest release ? a lighthearted, story-filled exchange. Like Hop Culture itself, the tales connect and spin from a common, alcohol-rich center. From Day commenting that margaritas taste like ham to Ed comparing the color of his sneakers to Day’s skin tone, the conversation surprises at every turn. Toward the closing minutes, Mr. Gould considers what might be the next trend in craft beer. His conclusion might surprise listeners. A fun listen, with lots of classic Drinking Partners moments. To read Hop Culture’s latest offerings, visit their website: https://www.hopculture.com.
Listen, sit, and sip.