Drinking Partners #139 – Rob Soltis | Craft Pittsburgh Magazine

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Rob Soltis of Craft Pittsburgh, the leading publication highlighting Pittsburgh’s booming beer scene, visits the Drinking Partners in this informative and analytical release. From exploring the welcoming atmosphere of breweries to anticipating the next trend in brewing, the conversation is fast-paced and beer-centric. The interview offers listeners and craft beer fans a sophisticated look into the workings of a magazine devoted to the breweries and beer of Western Pennsylvania. However, the closing minutes set aside order and structure as the men exchange quips and jokes, and Ed proclaims, “Day will make you say some shit that you weren’t going to say.” Stay tuned until the end to hear a hilarious exchange between the Drinking Partners. Pick up a copy of Craft Pittsburgh or visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/craftpittsburgh/

Listen, sit, and sip.