Drinking Partners #138 – Bill Oates | TRUB

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The vibe is clear from the opening questions as the Drinking Partners interview Bill Oates from Three Rivers Underground Brewers. An exploration into brewing intently focuses on developing new recipes and experimenting with new flavors as Mr. Oates explains how ingredients are chosen and used. The always sharp-tongued Drinking Partners intermix genuine curiosity with beer-fueled antics midway through; forgotten is the brewing process as they muse on seemingly unrelated topics. After a detour into a discussion on Little Bow Wow ? who Ed begs to visit the podcast, the Drinking Partners swoon over Mr. Oates’s cognac-infused pour. The beer is such a hit that Ed claims it has Day climbing walls and curling his toes. A fun listen with a great combination of knowledge and humor, often making the two indistinguishable.

Listen, sit, and sip.