Drinking Partners #130 – Troeg’s Independent Brewing

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Where better to podcast live than from “an amusement park of beer where you go on different flavor rides?” The Drinking Partners visit Troeg’s Independent Brewing in Hershey, PA and act as excitedly as kids in a candy store. Brothers John and Chris Trogner founded the brewery in 1996 and join Ed and Day to discuss how Troeg’s began ? from its early days as a local brewery to their progression through experimentation, hard work, and a “hop-forward” approach. What follows is a thoroughly informative and entertaining discussion in which the Trogners share beer and wisdom while offering an exclusive glimpse into their highly successful brewery. The group first samples the original Troegenator, a smooth, German-inspired Double Bock before moving onto a bourbon barrel-aged version, one that makes Day moan and mumble in appreciation and Ed to quip that Day has discovered his blackness. From there, they sip on Perpetual, a bold IPA that only came about after fifteen years and now has become the “lead dog.” The Nimble Giant, a Double IPA whose heft leads to a dramatic and hilarious conversation about burping (and other bodily functions), is next up before the Drinking Partners end with a Crimson Pistil, a hibiscus infused brew that leaves them giddy and gleeful. A must listen podcast and unforgettable day trip for any who consider themselves a craft beer fan. For more information on Troeg’s, please visit:
Listen, sit, and sip.