Drinking Partners #126 – Huny

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Lips loosened with bourbon, the Drinking Partners and guest Sarah Huny Young ? creative developer and photographer ? click and rumble from the opening seconds, laughing as much as listeners will in the latest podcast release. Joining Ed and Day to promote her latest project, American Woman, a multimedia documentary about Black American women, Ms. Young matches the pace and spirit of the Drinking Partners with ease, enthusiasm, and enchantment. A lively discussion centers around how Ms. Young seeks to redefine and reshape the archetypal image of who an American woman is. From there, the conversation swells and peaks with amusing stories, grandiose confessions, and cultivated theories; all of which are delivered and analyzed with a zesty banter unique to the Drinking Partners experience. The latter half is definitely NSFW, but is full of fun, flirtation, and friskiness. To learn more about and to support Ms. Young’s American Woman project, visit https://www.patreon.com/americanwoman and https://www.facebook.com/americanwomanproject/.

Listen, sit, and sip.