Drinking Partners #123 – North Country Brewing

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With the studio to himself, Ed reflects on his headlining experience at the Pittsburgh Improv before welcoming North Country Brewing owner Bob McCafferty and marketing head JD Longo. Open since 2005, North Country serves as a veteran voice for listeners, home brewers, and entrepreneurs. With a focus on farm to table and beer-inclusive dining, Mr. McCafferty explains the business model in detail, which makes for an interesting and enlightening podcast. Of course, Ed pops in with amusing asides and funny anecdotes as the men talk shop; and his Make-a-Wish analysis is both hilarious and very Drinking Partners-like, as is his description of his first pedicure. Sipping on the Stinky Hippie, a Pale Ale with 5.5% ABV, the men jump back and forth between personal admissions and professional brewing, with a relaxed and enjoyable vibe. Also of note is the Stationhouse 33 Firehouse Red, a malty ale brewed for the Slippery Rock Fire Department; a percentage of sales is donated back to the department. For information about North Country Brewing Company, visit http://www.northcountrybrewpub.com/. To see the Drinking Partners live at Bricolage on Saturday, June 17 at 8:00 PM, buy tickets at www.purplepass.com/byob.

Listen, sit, and sip.