Drinking Partners #120 – Walter Aguirre

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From the opening segment, the latest Drinking Partners release is high on energy and action, with non-stop chatter and festivity as guest Walter Aguirre, owner of LA Taco food truck ? which aims to introduce Latin American food into local communities ? visits the studio. With moonshine and Hennessy in hand, Mr. Aguirre, who is also a digital marketer, shares tales and insight as he describes his experiences as a California transplant to suburban Pittsburgh. Ed provides the voice of abstinence while Day, Daniel (guest host from Grownup Human Comic People), and Walter sip boldly in true Drinking Partners fashion. The conversation swings like an out of control pendulum, from an analysis of Kanye West and the Kardashian curse to the neuroscience-based effects of watching World Star videos; each topic is scrutinized with a mix of hilarity and testosterone. In the waning moments of the podcast, the men contemplate on the universal subjects of life, work, and family, with a seriousness and sharpness that will make listeners pause. As Ed suggests, “You can live a lavish lifestyle, or you can have lavish relationships.” Of course, the discussion ends on a fantastically fun note as trap music gets analyzed, with Daniel offering an epic takedown. The latest podcast is a wild, weaving ride. Find where LA Taco truck will be next at http://lataco412.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.