Drinking Partners #117 – Scot MacTaggart

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Fellow Epicast podcaster Scot MacTaggart takes a seat for the first time on the studio’s couch to be interviewed by the Drinking Partners in this latest offering. In a reversal of sorts, the Pitchwerks host answers questions instead of asking them as he explains the concept behind his podcast: one that focuses on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship and focuses on promoting what has worked for his guests and what might work for his listeners. Midway through, Mr. MacTaggart turns the tables on Ed and Day and quizzes them which makes for an interesting analysis. Stay tuned for the Pitchwerks founder’s thoughts on the three most important tips on how to succeed. A great listen for those seeking guidance on how to propel their business or craft further. For more from Pitchwerks, tune in to the Epicast Network (www.epicastnetwork.com) or visit www.pitchwerks.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.