Drinking Partners #113 – Cindy Nixon-Fernandez

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Rate and review the Drinking Partners Podcast, and you could be the next target of Ed and Day’s roasting, much like AndyQWERTY, whose review inspired a hilarious critique during the opening minutes of this week’s episode. Once the laughter settles, the Drinking Partners introduce Cindy Nixon-Fernandez, an actress, producer, and radio host of La Rumba Pittsburgh ? the only local Latin hits station. The early parts of the interview center around the slow growth of Latino culture in Pittsburgh, with a fun and entertaining discussion of the “international aisle” in local grocery stores. Midway through, the trio talks about Blood on the Leaves, a recent release that Ms. Nixon-Fernandez starred in, and the impact of examining social issues through film and media, a prominent topic during this engaging and thought-provoking analysis. Tune in Thursdays from 7-9 PM at 88.3 FM to listen to La Rumba Pittsburgh or visit www.CindyFernandezNixon.com to find more information about Ms. Nixon-Fernandez.

Listen, sit, and sip.