Drinking Partners #112 – Natalie Bencivenga & Kim Lyons | The Broadcast

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In this week’s release, Ed returns and brings his fiery zest with him, making fast work of Day before welcoming guests Natalie Bencivenga and Kim Lyons. As hosts of Epicast’s newest podcast, The Broadcast, Ms. Lyons and Ms. Bencivenga smoothly banter with the Drinking Partners and personify the very message of their own podcast: to give women a voice in media and promote female-centered projects. But there is also talk of vasectomies and “in-house” sex, Ed’s hospital beard and tips on personal grooming, and a few other NSFW topics. Midway through, the intimacy and revealing nature of the interview expands into an important analysis of the difference between the male and female gaze and how to reshape those differences. As only the Drinking Partners can, the seemingly heavy discussion is riddled with amusing anecdotes, hilarious asides, and blush-worthy admissions. A must listen for those seeking an inside look into the minds of the opposite sex. For more information or to listen to The Broadcast, visit www.broadcast-podcast.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.