Drinking Partners #107 – Emmai Alaquiva

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Guest host T-Robe, one of Pittsburgh’s top comedians, joins Day Bracey in the studio as a guest host while fellow Drinking Partner Ed Bailey recovers. Joining the duo is Emmai Alaquiva, hot off an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, and, according to T-Robe, “one of the best dressed cats I know.” However, Mr. Alaquiva was not always so well groomed and shares how he evolved into a creative professional after once being homeless and examines the struggles in between. Resourceful and focused, Mr. Alaquiva is an Emmy-award winning businessman, producer, and director who now dedicates his time to helping others prosper creatively. T-Robe, taking over for Ed, pauses the serious conversation to criticize Day’s corduroy pants, lightening the mood with impromptu humor. A thorough and significant discussion follows about the importance of financial knowledge and responsibility before diverging into an entertaining story involving Maya Angelou. Toward the latter half of the podcast, Mr. Alaquiva offers sage advice for artists and creators on how to engage and encourage change politically and socially. The final minutes get fun and loud as the three men compare, argue, and defend their choices for top rappers in the game. Find more about Mr. Alaquiva at his website, or his studio at
Listen, sit, and sip.