Drinking Partners #104 – PK Delay and Jacob Finch

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One of Pittsburgh’s up and coming rappers, PK Delay, and Jacob Finch, freelance creator and manager, join Ed for a music-centric conversation in the latest Drinking Partners release. In the opening minutes, an introspective discussion centers around the evolving approach of rap artists, with a focus on how new, young rappers are redefining the game and making their own rules. From forming a closer connection to their fans to developing their own images, PK Delay explains how he and other young rappers are exploring new roads and paving their own ways to success. A deeply held belief in bringing a positive aspect to his music and to his fans motivates PK and drives the interview, which is highlighted by an in-depth back and forth between Ed and PK that examines every aspect of the Pittsburgh rap scene. To hear more from PK Delay, visit https://soundcloud.com/pk-delay.

Listen, sit, and sip.