A comedy podcast about movies. Jamie and TJ review films from the past and find out if they still hold up.


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Does This Hold Up Ep. 178 – Fun Halloween Times Part 1

This week we didn’t feel like talking about movies.  We went a little long and had a ton of fun on this one.  We think we may have fixed out …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 177 – The Sixth Sense with Talkin Pops

This week we have the guys from Talkin Pops.  Listen to find out if the Sixth Sense holds up. There are still some audio issues we are working on.  This …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 176 – Ace Ventura (Part 2)

Here we go!  The moment we have all been waiting for.  Part 2 is now!!  

Does This Hold Up Ep. 175 – The Devil Wears Prada

This week the DTHU boys take on another hunky flick, The Devil Wears Prada.  Tell a friend about Does This Hold Up.  Tweet at us @Doesthisholdup leave a commenet on …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 174 – Blindside

We are back again…  Another EP.  We take on Blideside…. This movie is not about a football playing homeless man.  Its about love.

Does This Hold Up Ep. 173 – Twilight

This week we have our buddy @FireBallsDeep on the show to talk about Twilight.

Does This Hold Up Ep. 177 – Blade

The week we dont watch Ramb 2.  We watched Blade, and then we talked about it.  Here it is for you to listen to.  Thanks.

Does This Hold Up Ep. 171 – Tokyo Drift

This week we take on Tokyo Drift, and the next big trend with rappers. Thats what we do on Easter.  We watch a Fast and the Furious movie. Check it …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 170 – Tombstone

After a long hiatus, the basement boys are back.  Have you ever did a tail grab on a horse while drinking some sweet sweet Dew?  After listening to this, it …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 169 – A Fish Called Wanda

This we we watched A Fish Called Wanda, we found out who our R&Beatles are, and we talk more about poop!  Listen to find out if A Fish Called Wanda …

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